Partners and Affiliation

Partnered with KREEDO for KG classes – Innovative School of Excellence is one of the best Kindergarten Schools / Preschools in Horamavu.

“Early childhood education is the key to the betterment of society.” Child – Centrist – Curriculum A curriculum that is mapped to the individual learning needs of a child, covering all the essential areas of development ..

Learning is a fundamental human right, education sector is one of the key pillars for the rapid growth of an economy of a country and is also known to drive the change in the mindsets of the citizens. Utilization of electronic technologies to access the educational curriculum outside of a traditional classroom has a variety of benefits – learning with the use of images not only enhances the retentive memory of learners, but also opens an opportunity for effective learning through interactive classes and enhance student’s comprehension.

C365 is used as a medium to  interact in transforming the way students, parents, teachers and school administrators communicate, collaborate, and maintain transparency in fee details and creating successful Institutions.

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