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Principal’s Message

Dear Parents,
We all know, right education decides the right path for success, so it becomes very essential for us to choose the right school for our ward. In today’s competitive world it becomes a challenge to find the right place to educate our child.We, at Innovative School of Excellence, strive to provide an environment which basically focuses on the physical, mental, psychological, emotional, spiritual and intellectual development of the child.

 All these aspects of development then pave the path for critical thinking and problem solving skills which further helps the child in gaining the other important life skills. Therefore, our motto is to develop each child into a strong Global citizen who will in turn contribute to the quality development of the global community.

Innovative school of excellence provides highest quality of education at an affordable price as we know each child is unique and each child has got some or the other hidden talents in them. As parents and teachers it is our moral responsibility to bring out those hidden talents in our children and help them enhance it further. So the role of education in our school is not only to pursue academic excellence but also to empower our students with all those life skills which will enable them to face all kinds of challenges in this changing world.

We value igniting the spark of creativity, knowledge and curiosity in our students and so with this reason we will incorporate all kinds of innovative techniques in our teaching methodology to create a better tomorrow for our children.

“Learn to think your way as it will lead to innovations and this will open the door for new creations”.

Ms Sona Thomas R

M.Sc. M.Phil. B.Ed.

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