Vision & Mission

Why Innovative School of Excellence Horamavu 

Holistic Approach

Equal emphasis is placed on academic excellence and the social, physical and emotional development of our students.

Recognition of the uniqueness in each child

Recognizing that every child has a unique learning style, we provide a broad range of learning platforms to enable each student to develop at their own pace.

21st Century Infrastructure

Our state-of-the-art infrastructure is designed on the principles of free movement within the campus to encourage collaboration and group learning.

Rich Curriculum

Based on the CBSE education philosophy, Innovative School of Excellence offers a unique Integrated curriculum which comprises of a rigorous academic programme that deepens and broadens knowledge.

An Assortment of Co-Curricular Choices

From sports to arts, theater and music to dance, students understand the meaning of teamwork, excellence and competition while opening up their creative potential.

Technologically Wired for a Wireless World

New tools and techniques are integrated into the pedagogy with smart boards, projectors, and Wi-Fi enabled classrooms.

Community Engagement

Innovative School of Excellence students actively engage with the local community, thus understanding the value of service and social responsibility in living a fulfilling life.




NNOVATIVE SCHOOL OF EXCELLENCE  aims to offer a nurturing learning environment where the social, physical, emotional and intellectual needs of children are fulfilled, thereby enabling them to grow holistically in every sense.

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